KC Kennedy [Plantation Owner]

KC spent a lot of his early life between Uzbekistan and Moskow. During that time, watching Hindi movies out of Bollywood was his favorite past time. He can rattle off at least 5 five of his favorites in one breath. 

After migrating to the United States, he maintained his diet of Indian culture and movie consumption when he found friends in the Indo-Caribbean community. He became curious about the Caribbean and its history. He skipped around the islands of the Caribbean like a flat rock on a placid lake. 

From Cuba to Panama, from Puerto Rico to Dominican Republic, Aruba to Trinidad and Tobago. And at every destination, he would look for the same item: The Yellow Pages! KC would ferret out museums and historic sites and visit them. Echos From The Plantation took him to Guyana.

While in the vehicle going to the first day of shooting, he said aloud, ‘I can’t believe that I am on a plantation that is over 200 years old.’ 

After wrapping up shooting in Guyana, on the way to the airport, KC insisted on visiting the Georgetown Museum and almost missed his flight back to New York.