Pandit Ramdular Singh [Aaja]

Pandit Ramdular Singh was born at Plantation De Kinderen, West Coast Demerara, Guyana to parents who worked for decades in the sugar industry. A graduate of the University of Guyana, he became a school teacher at the age of 18. Migrating to New York City in pursuit of an MBA, he joined the International Banking profession.

Pandit Ramdular has been actively involved in social, cultural and religious activities. He is a founding leader of the Zeelugt Ramakrishna Temple, past President of the West Demerara Praant (Region) of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, and captain of the Zeelugt Cricket Club. He is a pandit (Hindu priest) for over thirty years. He is currently, President of the Nirvana Humanitarian Foundation which has an active branch in Guyana. Pandit Ramdular is also an accomplished musician and singer.