Satwika Reddy [Grand-Daughter]

Satwika is a classically trained Kuchi Pudi dancer born and raised in New York City. Her South Indian and Guyanese roots influenced her passion for Indian culture and tradition. Satwika's degree is in Environmental Science and she aspires to bring awareness to the shift towards a more sustainable world. In her spare time she is either mentoring kids in her neighborhood, choreographing a new routine or volunteering at an animal shelter.


Pandit Ramdular Singh [Aaja]

Pandit Ramdular Singh was born at Plantation De Kinderen, West Coast Demerara, Guyana to parents who worked for decades in the sugar industry.  A graduate of the University of Guyana, he became a school teacher at the age of 18. Migrating to New York City in pursuit of an MBA  he joined the International Banking profession. Pandit Ramdular has been actively involved in social, cultural and religious activities. He is a founding leader of the Zeelugt Ramakrishna Temple, past President of the West Demerara Praant (Region) of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, and captain of the Zeelugt Cricket Club. He is a pandit (Hindu priest) for over thirty years.  He is currently, President of the Nirvana Humanitarian Foundation which has an active branch in Guyana.  Pandit Ramdular is also an accomplished musician and singer. 


Jagmohan 'Kaysho' Surujballie [Indian Plantation Worker]

Kaysho is a Guyanese actor whose love for the arts began as a casual singer at local functions.  Naturally he also developed an interest in dancing. His real passion, however, was acting. This lead to community theater. 

In real life Kaysho is a Plantation Worker or as the locals call it, 'a cane cutter' for the past twenty six years.  Kaysho has performed in numerous charitable productions for the Nirvana Humanitarian Society in Guyana. Echos From The Plantation is his first movie role.


KC Kennedy [Plantation Owner]

KC spent a lot of his early life between Uzbekistan and Moskow. During that time watching Hindi movies out of Bollywood was his favorite past time. He can rattle off at least 5 five of his favorites in one breath.  After migrating to the United States he maintained his diet of Indian culture and movie consumption when he found friends in the Indo-Caribbean community.  He became curious of the Caribbean and its history.  He skipped around the islands of the Caribbean like a flat rock on a placid lake.  From Cuba to Panama, from Puerto Rico to Dominican Republic, Aruba to Trinidad and Tobago.  And at every destination he would look for the same item: The Yellow Pages! KC would ferret out museums and historic sites and visit them. Echos From The Plantation took him to Guyana. While in the vehicle going to the first day of shooting he said aloud, 'I can't believe that I am on a plantation that is over 200 years old.' 

After wrapping up shooting in Guyana, on the way to the airport KC insisted on visiting the Georgetown Museum and almost missed his flight back to New York. 


Alex Wayne [African Plantation Worker]

Alex was born to be an artist.  He had the knack for singing from an early age and it never left.  As a matter of fact, he added to it.  With a passion for drama, the marriage of singing and acting made him an entertainer and each appearance a performance.  Alex is the manager at the Aracari Resort on the West Bank of Demerara, or as Alex puts it "On the West side which is the best side." 

Alex's artistic talent is not limited to acting and singing. He is a certified interior decorator and a free-lance journalist. Though visually you will see him as an African Plantation Worker in the  movie, he had multiple roles behind the scenes.


Candasi Johnson

Candasi plays the role of an African woman working on the sugarcane plantation. 

More to come!